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바늘 화염 테스트

제품 번호 : ZY-3 / ZY-3S


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  • According to IEC60695-2-2 and IEC60695-11-5, ZY-3/ZY-3S needle flame test equipment is applied in the production and quality control department of lighting products, hyperpiesia electrical apparatus, domestic appliance, machine electric appliance, electrical machine, power tool, electronic instrument, electrician instrument and technical equipment. Also, the apparatus is fit for the industry of insulation material, engineering plastics and solid combustible material.

    We have normal model ZY-3 and compact model ZY-3S. See below pictures:

    ZY-3 바늘 불꽃 테스트

    ZY-3S 바늘 불꽃 테스트


    • 버너 각도 : 45 ° (테스트시) / 수직 (화염 높이 조정시)으로 기울어 짐
    • Needle flame burning time: 0~999.9s±0.1s adjustable (30s in general)
    • Sample burning time: 0~999.9s±0.1s, auto mark and pause manually
    • Height of flame: 12mm±1mm (gauge is included)
    • Burning air: 95% butagas
    • 온도 범위 : 0 ~ 1000 ℃
    • Requirement of flame’s temperature: the temperature rises from 100℃±2℃ to 700℃±3℃ within 23.5 seconds±1s
    • 온도 테스트 열전대 : Φ0.5mm K 패턴 열전대
    • Applied with touch screen and remote control
    • 고객은 ZY-3S를위한 추가 환기 시스템을 준비해야합니다.

  • 바늘 화염 테스트

  • ZY-3 Calibrate Certificate IEC695-2-2 1994 표준 무료 다운로드 GB / T-5169.5 2008 표준 무료 다운로드